We offer check ups to all of our clients.

Check ups are usually done around the time your piercing should be healed.

We just want to make sure your piercing is healing beautifully!

We also can switch your jewelry at this time if you’re all healed!



jewelry switch / downsizing

If you’re wanting us to put in, take out, and/or switch out your jewelry, we can definitely do that for you!

If you got your piercing here (the piercing that the jewelry is being switched/taken out/ and/or put in) we will do the service free! If not, we charge a $10 fee.

For downsizing, we start by cleaning the area. If there’s any swelling, keloiding, etc. we won’t downsize, but will instead give you instruction on how to get rid of those problems.

If the area doesn’t show any signs of problems, we switch out your jewelry for shorter bars that you keep in for the rest of your healing time.

To see why we downsize and what downsizing is, click here.


Dermal removal

If you have multiple dermals that need to be removed, the charge would be per dermal. $80 per removal.

To remove the dermal, we use a scalpel to detach any skin still attached to the anchor until it comes loose.

To see how to care for this, click here.

Healing time: 10-15 days. This is a very generalized time frame, not everyone heals at the same speed.

Pain level: 6 out of 10. This is a generalized number, everyone’s pain tolerance is different.