Navel piercing by C.J. Quiroz

Navel piercing by C.J. Quiroz


Healing Time: 12-24 weeks (3-6 months). This is a very generalized time frame, not everyone heals at the same speed.

We have 32 different options to choose from. Pricing ranges from $35-$300

Pain scale: 6 out of 10. This is a generalized number, everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

The navel piercing is a surface piercing in, through, or around your belly button. Because surface piercings are the most common to reject, piercing your navel is always risking rejection. Even if everything is done right to care for the piercing, it can still reject. Don’t let that scare you! We have tons and tons of clients that get their navel pierced and haven’t had a problem!

To see how to care for your navel piercing, click here.