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Healing Time: 6-7 weeks (1.5 - 2months) This is a very generalized time frame, not everyone heals at the same speed.

We have 67 different options to choose from. Prices range from $30-$300.

Pain scale: 4 out of 10. This is a generalized number, everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

The ear lobe piercing is a classic. Whether you’re piercing your ears to wear nice earrings, or starting your journey of stretching, ear lobes are universal.

We do offer ear lobe piercings for ages 1 - 12 years old by appointment only.

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The reason we don’t pierce anyone under 1 years old is because of their immune system. We want to make sure that in the very rare cases of infection, we’re not endangering the child. For anyone under 13, we pierce their ears with catheter needles. These are normal needles that have a plastic piece around them. It’ll make it so the plastic is sitting in their ear instead of the needles while they calm down.

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