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Healing Time: 6 - 12 weeks (1.5 - 3 months) This is a very generalized time frame, not everyone heals at the same speed.

We have 72 options to choose from. Pricing ranges from $50-260.

Pain Level: About 5-7 on a scale from 1-10 This is a very generalized answer, everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

Dermal can lay in any flat surface of the body. They’re held in place by the anchor that’s inserted underneath the skin. The anchors are inserted by the piercer first using a biopsy punch tool to remove a small circle of flesh.

Once removed, the piercer can then create a pocket on each side of the hole with the anchor. The anchor then sits nice and flat, and the top can then be put on.

To see how to care for this piercing, click here.