Opportunities Available to Join Our Team!

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Sykotic Ink is looking for an experienced Tattoo Artist to join our team!

We are a fully custom studio and thrive in creating unique designs for our clients. We have been in business for 9 years with a wide variety clientele base of all walks of life.

Sykotic Ink has been rated one of the top 3 tattoo studios in Bakersfield, CA for 4 years in a row. We have a very high standard of how we run our studio and continue to work on improving how we are serving our clients and raise the standard of the client AND team experience.  

We are a very high traffic studio with amazing clients looking for the absolute best they can find in town. 

We provide everything you need except your machines, power supply, needles, tubes and ink. This is also including clientele, and as much exposure as we can get you through our highly responsive style of marketing. 

We are looking for someone who meets the following requirements:

  • 4+ years Shop Experience

  • Strong Portfolio and Style

  • Positive Attitude

  • Art Driven Mindset

  • Clean Attire & Overall Look

  • Passion for this Industry

  • Genuine Care for Our Clients

  • Must Be Able to Work in the USA



  • Marketing & Personal Branding

    We market each service provider on our team to highlight their chosen style of art, and spotlight what makes us different.

    Clients feel more confident with their decisions on a tattoo artist by seeing more of them. Understanding their likes/dislikes and what they’re passionate about doing.

    Our goal is to provide an upscale and smooth experience for our clients and our team.

    We have been in business for 9 years with this being our 4th year rated as top 3 in Bakersfield. We have a great following and advertise consistently to keep all our service providers with consistent and quality clients. NO SLOW SEASONS.

  • Client consultation organization/filtering

    We have an automated system for clients to book consultations with any of our team members. Our front staff will help filter them to the correct artist to assure they fit with each other. Given what they’re wanting and what each artist prefers to do.

    This allows us to guarantee a smooth process for both the client and service provider.

  • Schedule coordination and booking

    To allow our service providers to focus more on what they LOVE to do we’ve taken out all the desk/phone work.

    Our front staff handles all communication for booking clients and rescheduling as needed.

  • Client follow-up

    It’s important to show our clients we care about the full experience of their body modification.

    Our client’s care doesn’t stop once the service is complete. Our front staff contacts each client to follow up on healing and making sure everything is going smooth for them all the way to the very end.


We provide everything you need to create the art and tattoos you’ll need.

        Our studio does weekly inventory of all our supplies in order to allow our service providers to not have to worry about the small things.

What’s NOT Provided:

  • Tattoo Machines

  • Power Supply

  • Needles/Tubes/Cartridges

  • Inks

For the RIGHT person that we feel will be the perfect addition to our team, we will help with relocating (After trial period)


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